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Old Moon Games


Ghost Song

For this upcoming Metroidvania by Old Moon Games, I designed a number of the enemy NPC sounds. I manipulated animal sounds and my own voice to create the wide variety of different enemies that you encounter in the game. I also processed  sounds to create power-ups, attacks, and special abilities for many of the games enemies. 

Many of those sounds are featured in the trailer to the left!

Solo Project


Mars Marine

Mars Marine is arcade style top down shooter set on the surface of The Red Planet. It is the final project from's Unreal Engine Blueprints Course. I decided to polish it up just a bit and add some things like a main menu, pause menu, audio options, and better hit detection. 

I did the sound design using primarily manipulated library sounds and implemented the audio using Wwise.

Hit Detection and Implementation Breakdown

 Sound Redesigns 

 Game Jams 

"The Sunken Place" was my first Ludum Dare. I participated in the Compo so I did all of the art, audio, and programming by myself in one weekend. I composed two original pieces of music as well as implemented an audio system that reacts to the players location in the level. The tools used for this project were Ableton and Godot.

Ludum Dare 48 - Compo

Ranked 68 out of 3866 in Audio

The Sunken Place

The Sunken Place Audio Breakdown

IGPS is a space shooter where you have to deliver packages to destinations across the galaxy. Throughout the game you have to avoid asteroids, blow up enemies, and upgrade your ship. Sounds created included weapons, ship engines, and UI.

IGPS: Intergalactic Postal Service

Godot Wild Jam #34

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 9.52.26 PM.png


Godot Wild Jam #33

In this survival horror game you play a lonely scientist struggling to stay alive after a monster has escaped containment. Sounds I designed included a motion sensor, footsteps, and the monster itself. 

Dice of Destiny

Godot Wild Jam #32

Jam Winner

Dice of Destiny is a dice rolling RPG. You are a nameless champion with one goal: collect the 7 Dice of Destiny. Sounds I designed included dice rolling, UI sounds, and creature voices. 

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