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  About Me  

In the year 1991 of the common era, a being that would eventually become known as Roman Domenic Perry was spawned. Blessed with a pair of hypersensitive ears* and a demonic talent for advanced audiomancy he has only one pursuit: the creation of synthesized realities through the means of GAME SOUND DESIGN.

I've been working with audio as long as I can remember and in that timeI've deeply explored nearly everything the medium has to offer: I ran sound for my high school theater troupe; I did sound design for short films in college; I’ve produced many different genres of music; I hosted a music industry podcast. Currently, I design sound effects for video games and I teach music production and synthesis at Icon Collective College of Music in Burbank, CA. 

At Icon I’ve written curriculum for courses focusing on Ableton, Recording, Mixing, and Synthesis for their newly launched Vocal Artist Program. This upcoming year I will be hosting Icon's first weekly Game Audio Office Hour. It will be a chance for students to explore the world of game audio through analysis, redesigns, and implementation.


Outside of my work, my pastimes include: tabletop games, weightlifting, camping, and cooking.

Main Skills: Sound Design, Synthesis, Music Production, Pro Tools, Ableton, and Reaper.

Secondary Skills: Public Speaking, Scripting Basics, Godot, Video Editing, Dungeon Mastering, and Game Design.

*I legitimately have a hearing condition called hyperacusis, an increased sensitivity to every day sound. 

Roman Perry with Guitar

My favorite games include:

Dead Space 1+2

Half Life 2

The Outer Wilds

Games I'm currently playing:



Games I'm going to dive in to next:

Halo: Infinite

Death's Door

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