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Midnight Crawler is the band I'm in with Patrick Zappia. It's a dark lo-fi project taking inspiration from Dungeon Synth, Lo-Fi Hip Hop, and N64 soundtracks. Our first album "Fistful of Coins" came out in 2020, with another single "Leviathan" releasing later that year. Currently we are in the dungeon summoning our next album for release in 2024.


Fistful of Coins (No Text).png

Over the years I have collaborated with a number of different artists, below is a collection of the best of that work. 

Other Selected Works


Silverpalms - Begging(Producer, Mixing Engineer)
ALAENA - Hell Girl (Co-writer, Producer, Mixing Engineer)
Joe Perry - Quake (Co-writer, Producer, Mixing Engineer)
Blue Lightning - Cherry Bomb (Producer, Mixing Engineer)
Jordan West - Teeth (Mixing Engineer)
Jordan West - More of Me (Mixing Engineer)
Clans - Home is Where the Heartache pt 1+2 (Co-Producer, Mixing Engineer)
Slave Dog - Spit in My Eye (Mixing Engineer)

Bush Pilot - Motivate (Songwriter, Producer)

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